Laser Endodontics

Lasers have revolutionized dentistry, especially in the field of endodontics. In our office, we apply laser dentistry to root canal treatments to enhance cleaning efficacy and success.  Lehigh Valley Endodontics-Allentown is equipped with a range of state-of-the-art laser devices, which use different mediums and wavelengths to address various needs

Producing better results and faster healing times, lasers are more precise and less invasive than traditional dental technologies. Our doctors use revolutionary laser techniques, including SWEEPS®, produced by Fotona’s Skypulse® Er:YAG laser. This technology has the capability to thoroughly clean the tooth’s complex internal spaces while preserving more tooth structure. Fotona SSP and SWEEPS Endodontic Laser Treatment are superior in bacterial decontamination, biofilm removal, dentin tubule sterilization and root canal cleansing.

Cleansing and activating natural healing via safe, photoacoustic, non-thermal laser energy. Experience the new wave of health-oriented endodontic treatments when you are a patient at Lehigh Valley Endodontics-Allentown.

Why is it necessary to utilize lasers for root canal therapy?

The root canal system can be highly complex with a maze of large and little canals with extensions and connections.   Studies have shown the traditional way of root canal treatment cannot reach every space inside the tooth.  That is why highly infected teeth have a lower rate of success.