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Meet Timothy Lin, DMD
After finishing The Hill School in Pottstown and receiving his B.A. degree at the University of Rochester, NY, Dr. Lin received his DMD degree at the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental…{Read More}

Meet Toni Chen, DMD
Dr. Chen is a compassionate and dedicated endodontist who is committed to providing exceptional dental care. She completed her dental education at the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine …{Read More}

Endodontists Are Your Best Choice For Root Canal Therapy

  1. Endodontists have extra training. After four years of dental school, endodontists complete an additional two years training, including practicing skills in a residency program, to receive their clinical certificate in endodontic dental medicine.
  2. Endodontists have access to and experience with the latest technologiesPart of endodontic training focuses on using 3-D imaging technology, digital radiographs, dental operating microscopes, lasers, ultrasonics, and other tools that make cleaning the tiny canals inside the root canal system easier.
  3. Endodontists have more experience performing root canals. Of the general dentists who perform root canals, they average about two root canals per week. Endodontists perform an average of 25-35 root canals per week.  Many of the root canals treated by endodontists are already unusual, complex or challenging cases.
  4. Endodontists have other treatment options to preserve your natural teeth. If your root canal treatment is ultimately unsuccessful, an endodontist can provide a retreatment or an apicoectomy (treating the canals from the root-side of the tooth) to save the tooth.
  5. Endodontists are specialists in pain managementBefore, during, and after the root canal, your endodontist can provide suggestions and prescribe medication to relieve any minimal discomfort you may experience.